Launching S Tackle

The S Tackle range of fishing tackle has finally arrived in Gold Coast fishing stores as of the 26th August 2023. Fishing enthusiasts can now improve their fishing game by purchasing S Tackle products. 

S Tackle products are available to buy at: Doug Burt’s Tackle World Gold Coast, Mark Berg’s Addict Tackle, Gold Coast Fishing Tackle and Sporty’s Fishing and new distributors will be added soon. 

The S Tackle range has been created with a love and passion for fishing, rigorously tested and finely-tuned by the S Tackle founder, a local Gold Coast fisherman Tim Stylianou who has over 40 years fishing experience in the local waters from the creek – to the continental shelf. Tim also has a background in manufacturing and expertise in design. 

The S Tackle brand proudly presents a lineup of premium fishing tackle that fills the gaps and needs of the fishing industry for tackle that is next level and rapidly helps to improve fishing outcomes. These products work for real, they are designed meticulously to help catch more fish.  

The S Tackle range includes products never before created such as Drop and Glow Sinkers designed with their advanced glow technology to attract fish by illuminating even in the darkest of waters. Their streamline body makes them sinker faster and the UV feature also adds to the visibility of the sinker, making it easier for you to track it in the water, even in low light conditions. The S Tackle Drop and Glow sinkers come in various sizes, including 1kg, 2kg, and 3kg, with the options of blue UV or green UV.

Another S Tackle product that has never before been created, is the Fish Tail Minnows. Fish love eating fish, it’s unquestionable. These UV 3D printed realistic real life like fish tail minnow is a tough stretchy thermoplastic material with a detailed gill area, 3D raised eyes, raised pectoral fin, a long slender body, and an oversized tail. This imitation fish swims by creating a large water thrashing effect with its powerful tail action mimicking a panicking escaping bait fish creating a reaction bite on most species from Flat head, Mangrove Jack Trevally in the creeks, to Snapper and King fish in the open waters. The Fish Tail Minnows are available in 2.5 inch and 5 inch in 3 types: Pilchard, Garfish and White Bait. 

The feedback so far from customers has been extremely positive. People have been asking where they can buy them and that they want more. A lot of people are surprised and delighted by the speed in which they are getting results, whether they are a professional fisherman or new to fishing. S Tackle works in achieving next level fishing. 

As well as Drop and Glow Sinkers and Fish Tail Minnows, our rapidly growing S Tackle range also currently showcases; ‘Slay ‘Em’ Soft Plastic Baits, Hard Body Lures, and Glow Strike Jig Heads available in mushroom and football shapes. 

S Tackle products are crafted with precision. These range of fishing essentials are made with top-quality materials, tuned with expertise ensuring unparalleled durability and reliability, with the main goal of catching more fish. 

All S Tackle products are UV activated or glow in the dark, whilst concentrating on performing outstanding natural movement and appearance of bait fish.

As a newly crafted brand on the market, we strive to exceed expectations and provide anglers with high performance fishing gear, stocked for our distributors here on the Gold Coast. We want the benefits of S Tackle to be felt as accessibility is expanded Australia wide.

For more information contact: S Tackle, Tim Stylianou,